How University of South Africa Works

How University of South Africa Works

Unisa is run on the distance learning model. You apply, get admitted, you register as a student, get your study materials posted to you, then you write assignments and exams. You study in your own convenient time.

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  • How does Unisa Educational system works?
    • Hours
    • Course weight
    • Percentages
  • Can assignments be done online?
    Yes they can be done online, but first you have to be a registered student for the academic period and also be a registered user on myUnisa (  After you have been registered as a user on students online you have to login using your student number and password to be able to submit your assignments online.
  • What are the advantages of studying at Unisa?
    • You can study at your own pace, moving quickly through the parts you find easy, and taking your time with the difficult sections.
    • Your lecturers provide help and guidance through tutorial letters. It is your responsibility to contact them should you run into difficulties.
    • You can work and earn a living while studying. You can therefore work when it suits you, either late at night or early in the morning.
    • Unisa is less expensive – the study fees are nearly 60 percent less that those of residential universities. You save time and money not having to attend classes. By studying at home, you cut down on transport and accommodation costs as well.
    • You can choose to join or form a study group to help you with your studies. Alternatively, you can attend tutorials at a learning centre.
    • Unisa degrees are recognised internationally

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